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Fumidus – Vape your feeling, Be exclusive, Enjoy it anywhere


Discover an exquisite smoking experience with our Elegant Fumidus Electronic Cigarette. Be sure, your preferred past time will no longer be controversially discussed in pubs, clubs or in public. Feel free to enjoy it anywhere. You will love it!

Smoking is defined as the inhaling of tobacco products. Due to the fact that Fumidus E-cigarette employs aromatised vapour rather than harmful tobacco smoke, all bans become void. In a nutshell: You’re no longer smoking, you’re only blowing vapour into the air but have all the fun of fuming and what’s more, you can still ingest nicotine through the base fluid, respectively the vapour!
Everybody else will just perceive the aromatised steam.

You will appreciate a variety of additional advantages, such as:

  • No more funky rooms
  • No more reeking clothes
  • No yellowed walls, doors or curtains
  • No nicotine stained teeth or fingers


We deliver Europe wide to re-sellers, retailers and direct sellers.
Commodity prices will be disclosed after the successful forwarding of data.
Non EU dealers will forward a valid VAT identification number.

Please, mail or fax your business registration to:

Fumidus GmbH
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